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What free courses do we offer?

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1. Storytelling for Professional Success

How to tell stories that showcase the value of your own knowledge and experience.

2. Conduct a Self-Assessment

How to identify your personal and professional assets.

3. Define and Set Your Goals

How to effectively create and manage your goals.

4. Craft Your Portfolio

How to develop and refine your portfolio, resumes, and online presence.

5. Building Professional Relationships 

How to build and manage professional networks effectively.

6. Interviews: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

How to anticipate and prepare for job interviews.

7. Assemble Your Job Search Plan

Assemble the work of this series to develop and execute an effective job-hunting campaign.

What are people saying about our courses?

"I absolutely loved the content - across the board, it's short and sweet, yet pertinent and thought-provoking."


"I enjoyed the autonomy and flexibility that accompanies the online platform. I was able to navigate the program at an individualized pace." 


Who is Career Storybook?

Career Storybook offers Career and Professional Development programs, communities, workshops, and resources to help you succeed. We help individuals discover and thrive in careers aligned with their strengths, interests, and values. 

We help you with job readiness, interview preparation, and support for finding and securing opportunities. In addition, we help you succeed once you get a job with personal and professional development programs.

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